Time is a big challenge, with so many things to complete, deadlines to meet, parties to attend, presents to buy, ham to eat and people to see it often is hard to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. This time of the year can also bring stress for some, and sticking to your fitness routine becomes a priority in order to keep a calm mindset and your body in balance in this crazy festive season.

Creating a positive mindset, or a new habit is the very first step you can take to get you on the way. It is said that in as little as 21 days, a new habit can be created – this means that eight or 12 week challenges are a perfect framework to create a new mindset and new routines.

So, during this Christmas period – especially when there are lots of events, parties, cocktails and Christmas ham, enjoy all of the above - but show up for your workout. It is all about balance after all. Head coach Nick Tetoros shares his thoughts on four main topics:


1.     Set your goals, make them realistic.

Consider your work/life schedule, and then make sure you put aside time each day for movement. Whether that be coming to a class, or walking the dog, just by committing to moving your body every day will help you stick to your plan. Schedule in your classes ahead of time and do your best to not let them be compromised, because the best gift you can give yourself this Christmas is the gift of showing up, and tuning into your body as often as possible.

“Especially at this time of year people can make the mistake of committing to too many things when sometimes the simplest things are the most rewarding, commit to what you can easily achieve and plan your schedule around your training”- Nick Tetoros


2.     Show up to your workouts, do your best and do it with joy.

Maybe had a few too many champagnes at the Christmas party last night? That’s cool. That is what happens this time of year, and there is no avoiding it so enjoy it! However, still get to your class. It might not be the easiest session, but you will feel a whole lot better if you can balance the fun and the focus.

“When you leave and your workout is done you reward yourself physically and mentally. I’ve trained on Christmas Day, because boxing is what I love to do – any day of the year!”  


3.     What excuses are you telling yourself?

There are times, when we might tell ourselves some stories that in fact, are not entirely true. For example: “Ohhh I am just going to cancel my session because I blew my eating plan at that big cocktail party last night, so I may as well just wait until the new year to start the new me”…Your body would heartily disagree with you if you asked it whether it wanted to skip an awesome boxing session, but the funny old mind has ideas of its own. Try and catch yourself when you hear an excuse – because that is all it is, an excuse. And you know what kills a goal faster than you can say ‘Turkey’? EXCUSES.

“I find that you can’t make excuses as easy if the goal is clear and meaningful. You have to have good people around you, family and friends that will help you stay on track and not let you make excuses”


4.     And importantly, don’t give yourself such a hard time.

If you miss a session because of circumstances that life throws us, try not to give yourself a hard time. After all, this time of year we need to remember compassion. Make sure you find time to make up for it in some way – if you can’t get to a later class, take a walk around the block or go and play some footy with the kids. Do something to move your body, but don’t let a negative mindset stop your progress.

“You have to be stronger than your excuses, you have to give back to the most important thing – which is sticking to your goals. Giving yourself a hard time does nothing, this is a happy time of year, so enjoy it!”




And if you need any more inspiration, have a listen to this Spotify "Feelin' Good playlist" and get that body moving!