Below are some of the testimonials and feedback from our beautiful clients. We feel that feedback is super important and relevant to our business.

We welcome all our clients to share ideas with us to continually evolve and create a great space for everyone to feel confident, comfortable, challenged and inspired as soon as they step in the door. 

Fitness Ring is the real deal. The style and way Nick trains you gives you the sense of what it takes to be a champion. Always feel awesome after my work outs!
— Myke
Fitness Ring is a hidden gem, tucked away in Richmond. The studio owners, Nick and Tonia, are professional and were extremely helpful in providing me with a personalised training regime suited to my level. The studio has a charming boutique feel with emphasis on 1:1 and small group style training. The energy in the room is welcoming and there is definitely a sense of a community amongst its members. I’m always guaranteed to leave each sweat session feeling amazing.
— Jenny

This place is awesome! I have been training at Fitness Ring for almost a year and in that time, I’ve seen real improvement in my fitness and general health and well-being. I’m now healthier than I have ever been and feel fantastic. It is 100% due to Fitness Ring. The trainers are all incredibly encouraging, positive, knowledgeable and motivating. Nick’s sense of humor and positive attitude is infectious and you can’t help but to have great time. I also find the sessions to be incredibly therapeutic and an amazing way to relieve stress and tension. Each time I finish a session, I feel better than I did before I started, and am genuinely looking forward to coming back.
— Jarrod

I came along to the free intro class without any expectations and absolutely loved it.

From the onset, Nick, Tonia and Luke were extremely welcoming and pushed me beyond my comfort zone.
After a tough day at work it’s extremely cathartic to punch a few bags and the team at Fitness Ring create a fun environment to do that in.

I highly recommend Fitness Ring if you want to get fit and have fun doing so.
— Ruwen

Nick and Tonia truly know their stuff! Since joining a month ago, I’ve seen such great results in my fitness, my technique, abs - everything. It’s improved my headaches and sore back/neck. Fitness Ring has honestly improved my overall wellbeing and therefore my quality of life!
— Danielle

I’ve been going to Fitness Ring for the past 7 months and signing up was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The classes are fun yet really push you to reach your full potential. The trainers are all very knowledgeable but more importantly, the classes are fun with an awesome atmosphere! Would highly recommend this gym!
— Laura

With staff encouragement, support, and understanding I was able to reach my optimum health, weight, and state of mind. I am a better parent, role model, and I am also a more authentic business coach.
— Tonya

One of the best things I’ve done since moving to Melbourne was finding Fitness Ring. I can easily say this is the fittest I’ve ever been and a big part of that is due to Fitness Ring. I’m definitely going to miss being part of the Fitness Ring family but if you ever decide to open a gym in Dublin I’ll be the first to sign up.
— Jack

— GQ Magazine