An Awesome Way to Galvanise a Team.

Most businesses are now catching on the trend of participating in positive team building activities.

Giving people the opportunity to interact outside the usual office environment gives colleagues the opportunity to blow off some steam together and perhaps encourage closer social ties as well.

By showing your company is prepared to make the effort and show concern for the overall well-being of your employees, not just their performance at work, this would give greater job satisfaction and therefore strengthen staff loyalty.

Corporate Boot Camp is tailored made to suit your individual company needs. Just tell us what sort of training you’re looking for and we will custom design a program to suit the needs for your team.

Did you know, research has shown that people who exercise on work days, particularly before work or during breaks, suffer less stress, feel happier and are more productive than on days where they do not exercise?

Did you also know that employees who participate in workplace fitness programs are more loyal to their employer and they miss less work than non participating co-workers?

A Fresh Approach to Training and Motivation.

You will notice great improvement in a short time at how much higher staff energy levels will be, by simply adding exercise in their daily routine.  By participating in Fitness Ring's Boxing/Kickboxing Boot Camp, each session will always be different. We will work every part of your body to its maximizing training with a motivational approach.

- Our combination of cardio and weight training will give you quick and effective results

- Each session will be different and unique

- Programs are designed to keep the motivation high with enjoyable workouts

- Teach you the art of boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, strength training, TRX

- Professional qualified trainers

We are also happy to assist with any competitions you may want to put on as incentive to your staff.


6AM - 6:45AM • 5 days

Start your morning off the right way. We offer boot camp classes Monday to Friday. Boxing, Kickboxing, HIIT, Muay Thai, and much more... Train with like minded professionals!