For some couples, working out together can be an awesome experience if there is a common goal for a more healthy lifestyle. Often it makes it easier in terms of diet, meal planning and activity in harmony with the hustle and bustle of busy modern life. 

I know what you are thinking and YES - It is totally possible to enjoy working out together without causing a domestic! Although sometimes activities such as boxing can be an interesting way of releasing mutual tension - which is important for all relationships. 

Here are some tips for those couples who want to give exercising together a go:

1. Ladies, lets not compete with the fellas.

It is no lie that men are stronger than women, this is a simple fact of life! He is going to metabolise fat much faster (thanks testosterone!) and naturally has more lean fat burning muscle. That's cool - it is not a competition, so do not make it one - which leads to point 2:

2. Set your own goals independently

While exercising together can be great for your relationship, the most important outcome of a fitness program is feeling good within yourself - building confidence and pride in your actions will allow you to see this in others efforts, creating a more supportive and positive version of YOU.

3. Be in each others corner!

He might want to be able to smash out five chin ups, and she might want to feel good in a swimsuit at the beach - each goal is just as important as the other. Make sure you are encouraging your partner, making sure they stick to their commitments of a healthy lifestyle and get around each other! 

4. Remember to laugh

Yes, there is a possibility that if you are partnered up together with gloves and pads, you might take a little bit of stress out on each other - boxing is a wonderful stress release! However, if you find that you are taking out a bit too much emotional baggage on your partner, be aware of this and either mention it to one of our super friendly trainers (they will be observing the dynamics between clients in class anyway) or perhaps work with another partner of the same sex - remember to smile and laugh about it after you leave your workout feeling fabulous. 

Good luck lovers!

Cheryl RileyFitness Ring