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At Fitness Ring, can advise you and personalise weight loss to suit your lifestyle and make it feel as though you're not on a "diet".  Getting into the ring is probably one of the best forms of weight loss. Fitness, exercise and hard work, combined with a sensible diet is important in maintaining your health. We can coach you on how to eat properly on a daily basis. Weight loss is a person thing. it might be the reason you come to gym, but once you are on your journey personal development and creating better habits is far more rewarding in the long run. 

Goal setting plays an important role to ensure that you're exercising as much as needed, and staying motivated while reaching those goals is key to your success. In all our fitness programs will constantly set new goals along the way. And you learn from any bumps along the road.  Most important, you will be held accountable throughout your whole journey. As with anything, if you stick to it long term , you'll keep your weight off and not have to stress about it as you do now. If you are committed to losing weight then keep reading as we have many programs to suit your needs. We will also customise a fitness program for you.

For individuals who are serious about achieving personal fitness goals but enjoy the flexibility, variety and personalised fitness program that only Fitness Ring can offer.  Starting with an initial consultation with Tonia, we will personalise a 12 Week Fitness Program to suit your budget and help you reach your individual goals.

Lets face it! We all feel better when we loss a bit of weight. Yet getting fit, eating well and staying in shape is a better perspective to have. Developing your overall personal image and gaining confidence in yourself is a far better attitude to have than just weight loss. 

At Fitness Ring we will challenge you and push you to reach your desired goals at every turn. But what we find, in most cases, people grow in confidence and develop themselves in a far more wholistic way once they start seeing the results of their personalised training program. Weight loss is important at the start of your journey, but discovering yourself, developing better habits and staying in shape is far more rewarding long term.