It is no secret that mental health issues are the leading cause of sickness absence in Australia. Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety cost Australian businesses up to $12 billion, with one in three people suffering from a mental health challenge within the workplace. This is a serious issue with people working longer hours, with more distraction and less time to do the things they love.

How can we create better workplaces and happier employees? We think the answer lies in training your staff physically as well as mentally.


Employers spend hours training staff to do their job efficiently - like in your professional life,  corporate boxing programs are about how to train not only your body, but your mind to get winning results. How to think and work better in all areas of life, and what you learn in boxing training relates to life and business in various ways:

  • The mindset required to learn boxing is not dissimilar to the competitive mindset of for professionals working in sales roles - it is all about focus. 
  • By tapping into your inner champion you will be more productive at work - if you are more confident this will always show up in your work. 
  • Learning boxing combinations is just another form of problem solving. 
  • Footwork is about being nimble in the face of challenges (like when you are 'on the back foot') and how to face adversity and come back swinging!
  • By putting on the gloves on and working in partnership during pad work, you will learn more about your team, their individual personalities and how they can more effectively work together. 
  • Champion your workplace culture by doing something that creatively kickstarts the hearts and minds of your people.
  • 6 - 12 week programs allow staff to truly learn the art form of boxing, to show up each week and give their best - every single session. Ongoing programs will bring staff together in a way that the traditional office enviroment can not. 

Here at Fitness Ring we have run corporate boxing sessions for the Adidas sales team as well as a Headspace event for ANZ and have seen the effects of workday exercise – happier workers, happier workplaces. Our point of difference is our head coach Nick Tetoros, a former world champion, and his 20 plus years’ experience working in the fitness industry. In a corporate environment, CEO’s and senior leadership teams are all striving for excellence both personally and professionally. Successful people already understand the benefits of creating harmony between body, mind and spirit and usually are aware of the benefits of exercise and how it can empower you to be the best version of yourself.

Sales staff team building boxing for Adidas. Image by Caz Pringle

Sales staff team building boxing for Adidas. Image by Caz Pringle

We work with people in an array of leadership positions: professionals who want to acknowledge their staff by showing them that not only are they worth it, but their happiness at work is critical to the overall success of the organisation they work for. Seeing positive results both personally and professionally is what we at Fitness Ring strive for - and how we determine our own success as trainers. 

If you are interested in creating a transformational workplace exercise program, and are curious as to how this can benefit not only your employees but overall office culture – please contact Tonia to discuss a personalised fitness program or event.

Photo by  Johnson Wang  on  Unsplash

Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash