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For those who have a dedicated training schedule, are consistently turning up to sessions and feel like they have their circuit down pat, it might be time to mix up your training styles.

When we are constantly doing the same type of training, whether it be a weights circuit or a particular class - our bodies adapt quickly and you might notice your progress slows down. But how do you know if you’re ready to change up your workout, or to try a whole new style of training?

1. You have the same routine as when you started:

It may have been a few months and you have gone through the initial phase where parts (or all) of your workouts were challenging. Since then you will have become stronger, faster and you don't feel as challenged. It might be time to change up your routine in order to keep your progress on track. You might try adding more weight for weight-training or doing more reps for time-based workouts - or perhaps adding some conditioning or HIIT sessions in addition to your boxing training. 

2. You don't get as puffed:

Again, when you started there may have been times when your heart rate was off the charts! Now you are able to train for longer without as much physical fatigue - another indicator your body is getting used to exercise and that a change in style is in order.


3. You're not improving:

Ahhh the brain is a brilliant machine and as soon as it knows the combinations, the timing and what to do it will need to be challenged. Trick your brain into gear by trying something else - like adding kickboxing to your boxing sessions, or another form such as Muay Thai.

4. You don't get the same awesome feeling after training:

Perhaps this might be an indication that you are bored with your workout - exercise is meant to be fun and engaging! We need to make sure that we LOVE what we do in terms of how we move our body. If you think this might be you - try adding a class that you haven't done before. Who knows, you might love it (we know you will).

So, if you think it is time to mix up your workout - get in touch with Tonia to discuss how to make sure your efforts are rewarded with progress and you always walk out feeling elated.